Deluxe Rooms

The deluxe rooms of our hotel are feet up, I deserve it, Cyclopean rooms subtly designed with elegant interiors. Just fly off your shoes to enjoy the ultimate luxury topping before the evening sets in. These cosy looking rooms are designed to suit your taste, endowed with soft colours and haven of natural lighting.
The twin, king size beds and cosy pillows would lull you to fine sleep washing away your fatigue. The flooring with Italian tiles in the rooms touches the fineness of elegance.
With unlimited air conditioning and temperature remote control systems you can adjust the temperature according to your needs. All the deluxe rooms are provided with small sitting areas and seating arrangements that can be useful for visitors in the room.
Now you can enjoy a royal bath with and hot and cold water facility. The bathrooms here are fully equipped with bath kit facilities. All of the deluxe rooms are enriched with extra luxury toppings like. Get connected to the world with our satellite facility with just the touch of remote.
Looking up for something special. Our hotel staff are there for your assistance round the clock even on the smallest demand that you make.
The facilities and the clump batch of fine services at Hotel Jeet guarantees to make your stay luxurious and successful.